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AC Unit acting up?

Get your air conditioner fixed quickly and professionally by American Clean Air and Heating. If you need an upgrade, a completely new unit, or a repair we are the company of choice. We can repair or replace any AC unit we work with all the major brands and we are highly skilled in all aspects.

Here at American Clean Air and Heating we know the importance of clean air in the home. Our repair service provides cleaning of all vents, air filters, and all major components. We make sure to remove allergens, pollutants, molds, mites, bugs, and debris.

AC Unit Problems

air conditioning repair thousand oaksSome of the problems that may occur with you AC UNIT:

  • Burned out transformer
  • Wire burned off at contactor
  • Weak breaker
  • Grounded compressor
  • Condenser fan motor shorted to ground
  • Defective contactor
  • No power to unit
  • Defective breaker
  • Wire burned at disconnect
  • Transfer to electrician
  • Defective connector
  • Defective thermostat

Here at American Clean and Heating, we specialize in maintaining your equipment while we pride you with amazing service. We believe that if your equipment and units are maintained correctly and frequently, you will increase the life expectancy of your units.

We specialize in all major brands and pride ourselves in our knowledge, service, and quality.

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