The Four Most Common Reasons People Call for AC Repair in Los Angeles

There are a variety of reasons to call for AC repair in Los Angeles. When it’s hot outside, you do not want to deal with a broken cooling unit. Good upkeep is important for keeping your system running as it should. However, the best maintenance doesn’t mean you’ll never have a problem. If you’re new to AC or have just gotten a new unit, it pays to know when to call for repairs. Here are the four most common reasons a fix is needed.

Your Unit Short Cycles

Short cycling refers to a unit that begins a cooling cycle but shuts off before the desired temperature is reached. You’ll hear the system turn on, but then turn off after just a few minutes. Not only will this keep you from reaching a comfortable temperature inside your house, but it also degrades the efficiency of the system. Failing to address short cycling can lead to other issues. It is usually caused by a dirty or clogged air filter, a dirty evaporator coil, or a thermostat that isn’t working properly. 

A High Energy Bill

No one likes to open their energy bill and see that it’s gotten higher than usual. This can certainly be frustrating, but it’s important to figure out why. High energy usage often indicates a problem with your cooling system. An expert can assess the situation and make a diagnosis, which allows you to have the proper repairs done. It’s important to get this fixed as soon as possible so that you aren’t dealing with other issues as a result. 

You’re Not Getting Enough Cool Air

The purpose of your cooling system is to produce cool air, so if that’s not happening, something is wrong. You could be dealing with a refrigerant leak, which is a fairly simple fix that can eliminate the problem pretty easily. It’s not a DIY task, but our professionals are equipped to remedy the situation for you. Other problems that result in a lack of cool air include a malfunction in the compressor component of the unit or poor airflow in your home. 

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The Unit Doesn’t Turn on or Off

You know you have a problem if your air conditioner doesn’t turn on at the programmed temperature. There’s also a problem if the air comes on but doesn’t turn off when the desired temperature is reached. Either way, you’re going to be uncomfortable, not to mention the skewed energy bills you might see if the unit won’t turn off. Either of these situations is a good reason to call us for a visit from our skilled technicians. 

It’s never fun to deal with a malfunctioning air conditioner. While it can be tempting to fix the problem yourself, this is not recommended, as it can lead to further issues that will cost even more to fix. If you’re experiencing a problem with your cooling system and you need AC repair in Los Angeles, call American Clean Air and Heating today and we’ll help you get that cool air flowing again in no time.