El Segundo HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Repair in El Segundo

If you need air conditioning repair services in El Segundo, then look no further. At American cool and heat, we have the skills, the tools, and the expertise. When your air conditioner is not working properly you can get frustrated and scared of the cost not to mention hiring the right AC repair company. We have been the AC repair Company of choice in El Segundo we are fully licensed and bonded and will provide references if requested.

Air Conditioning Unit Installation in El Segundo

Here at American Cool and Heat we repair any type of Air Conditioning unit we work on all the top brands and most recent equipment, and always make sure that we use the best materials.

Air Conditioning Repair El Segundo

HVAC Repair and Installation in El Segundo

Here at American Cool and Heat we service all brands and equipment, we’ll get your furnace, air conditioning unit, mini-splits, heat pumps, air handlers and boilers up and running as quickly as possible. We are a trustworthy El Segundo HVAC company we focus on safety and all of our work meets local safety and building codes. We also provide HVAC Maintenance in El Segundo regular maintenance of your HVAC system produces numerous benefits. Improves system performance, reduces utility bills through more energy-efficient operation, Prolongs system life Identifies potential problems, preventing expensive repairs, and keeps most manufacturers’ warranties valid. We strive on providing the El Segundo Residents with the best quality HVAC systems and expert maintenance service year round.

24hr Air Conditioning Repair Service El Segundo

Our emergency A/C repair technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to repair your air conditioning unit, or HVAC system; we are available weekends or holidays. All of our air conditioning repair technicians are fully licensed and bonded and have had extensive training and are always improving their skills with new technology. El Segundo Air Condition 24 hr repair services strides in providing the El Segundo customers with the best customer service. We know how stressful your situation is and giving you the best service is what we’ll do. When your family’s health, safety and comfort is involved, our top priority is to assess the situation as quickly as possible. We come prepared the first time we come out to your El Segundo residence or business we know how precious your time is. Trust the expert of AC repair American Cool and Heat.

Thermostats installation and repair in El Segundo

Air Conditioning Repair El SegundoThermostats are devices that control the call for heating or cooling. Our expert technicians will evaluate your thermostats, make recommendations and install the best choice to meet your heating and air conditioning needs.

Experienced Indoor Air Quality Company in El Segundo

We usually think of air pollution as being outdoors, but the air in your house or office could also be polluted. Sources of indoor pollution include:

  • Pesticides
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Household products
  • Gases such as radon and carbon monoxide
  • Materials used in the building such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead

Sometimes people have symptoms that seem to be linked to time spent in a certain building like for instance when they are home or at work. We get down to the source of the causing pollutant in your home or workplace. You have to remember quality air is quality of life you will feel 100% better when you breathe clean air guaranteed.

Usually indoor air quality problems in El Segundo only cause discomfort. Most people feel better as soon as they remove the source of the pollution. However, some pollutants can cause diseases that show up much later, such as respiratory diseases or cancer.

Making sure that your home or workspace is well-ventilated and getting rid of pollutants can improve the quality of your indoor air.

At American Cool and Heat we know that indoor air quality in El Segundo is very important and we service our El Segundo customers in a timely manner. We use the highest quality Electronic/charcoal and HEPA filtration systems. We rid your house of smoke, pollutants, mold, pollen, and deliver clean fresh air to your desired site. We also provide Carbon Monoxide safety testing in El Segundo in many cases we have discovered carbon monoxide leaks that went undetected. Our expert installers and service techs can make emergency repairs to any system.

Air Conditioning Repair El Segundo