Are You Paying Too Much For Your HVAC Service?

A lot of air conditioning companies are going to try to sell you on the idea that you are paying too much for your HVAC service. They are then able to sell you their services, to tag on their added fees, and before you know it, you are paying more than you were in the first place. The quality of service you receive will vary quite a bit, and it is possible to be bowled over by promises of lower price. Yet, do not fall for the people who say you are paying too much. If the service fits your needs and is within your budget, then are you really paying too much?

A Service or a Subscription

There are two ways you can work the system. You can hire a company to do your maintenance and repairs on your own time. They arrive when you ask them to, which means remembering to have your HVAC serviced when it needs it. Alternatively, you can work with a contract service, sometimes described as a subscription service. Under these circumstances, you have the maintenance people come around whenever your machinery breaks down. You also have them visit at certain intervals in order to maintain your hardware on a regular basis.

Consider The Long-Term Costs

If you are buying poor quality services, or you are failing to have your HVAC maintained correctly, then the costs may skyrocket. Things like cracks and leaks can cause things like mold and added water damage. There is also the added cost of additional repairs that occur simply because you allowed a small problem to grow without identifying it and fixing it as soon as needed. 

Do They Have Emergency Services?

If you are under contract, such as a subscription service, then you may be able to call out the engineers at any time to fix your equipment. If this is the case, then the possible costs are baked into the amounts you pay annually. If you are paying for the service as you use it, then find out how much the emergency repair costs are because they may be massive. On a similar note, the company you choose may offer very low labor prices but may overcharge for parts. Check a few online reviews to see what people are complaining about. When a service charges too much for parts, people often complain about it online. 

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Hire Seasoned Professionals To Do The Work

Offering any sort of HVAC service is very difficult. If it is done right, then it is a lot of hard work. You need a company that is the right fit for your needs. You need a service that can work around your schedule, which understands your systems, and that can work within your budget and your timelines. That is why you need to get in touch with American Cool and heat today. You get a flexible service that operates around your schedule and attends to your needs. You get a service that works itself around you, rather than you having to work around them. Get in touch today. You won’t be disappointed.

4 Ways a Regular Heating Service Can Lengthen Furnace Lifespan

A furnace is expensive. However, it is necessary when you’re living in Los Angeles. If you wish your furnace to last as long as possible, you need regular furnace service in Los Angeles. Here are the ways furnace maintenance can extend your unit’s lifespan. 

How Regular Furnace Service in Los Angeles Can Help Your Unit? 

To ruin the winter season in LA, you should avoid routine maintenance. Yes, that’s how regular maintenance is necessary to your furnace. If the unit is well-maintained, it can avoid expensive repairs. In other words, the system is in tip-top shape all the time. If you forego regular maintenance, you’ll soon be facing costly repairs for issues that can be avoided, like water leaks, unit frequent shuts-offs, carbon monoxide leaks, etc. 

1. Testing and Checking All Elements 

It’s no secret that regular furnace maintenance can help in keeping it in peak working order. The maintenance tasks can ensure that the unit is clean and better maintained. In addition to cleaning the unit, the technicians will also test and check each element of the unit to identify possible issues and fix them before it’s too late. They can also check safety controls and ensure that the unit is in tip-top shape. 

2. Reducing Energy Bill

The heating system in your house makes up 50% of your energy bill. It can easily add up if LA has long winter. Thankfully, though, you can reduce your energy bill by up to 30% if you choose to have it regularly maintained. Then, make sure that you have a programmable thermostat installed. It can help your winter to be a more affordable season. 

3. Maintaining Health Air Quality 

The benefits of regular maintenance don’t stop there. Maintaining the furnace is vital to ensure that you’re breathing clean air. Keep in mind that furnaces have air filters. They trap the particulates and allergens to ensure healthy air quality. However, the quality reduces if there’s dirt and debris buildup. If your allergy symptoms are showing up, then it might be time for you to schedule your service with us. 

4. Preventing Gas and Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Yearly furnace maintenance keeps you and your family safe. The furnace produces heat while it burns fuel. And this is why the combustion process must be efficient. If there’s a problem in the system, it can lead to a gas leak. A gas leak is dangerous to your health. And if you left it unchecked, it can also run the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. Unfortunately, these leaks are difficult to detect because the gas is odorless. With yearly maintenance, though, technicians can check any safety risks to your furnace. 

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Handling Your Furnace Needs

American Clean Air and Heating is here to offer you premium quality furnace service in Los Angeles. The tasks involved in this service will guarantee you will enjoy winter in LA. Call us today to know more about this service or get a free estimate at (818) 722-8634


Our HVAC Service Helps You Choose the Right Air Conditioning Unit

Installing a new air conditioner unit is quite a significant investment, which is why it’s so important to give this decision the right thought before making it. For example, what system will you be getting? Are you getting a window unit or a central one? What’s the difference? How much will these cost you? Well, our HVAC service is here to answer these questions for you. Let’s take a closer look at what getting these different units will be like and what they’ll each do for you. 

Should You Get a Window AC Unit?

Many places across Los Angeles, particularly small apartments, will have window air conditioner units. In fact, take a walk down the block and you’ll see plenty of them lining up the windows of apartment complexes. They are ideal for cooling down individual spaces due to their limited air distribution abilities. Not only that, but they have also proven to be less costly than centralized air systems. These usually top at around 14.44 kWh of energy consumption. If you run these for eight hours a day and use the average national cost of kilowatts per hour, 13.2 cents, you can calculate the estimated monthly cost of use for window AC units. Let’s say you run them for eight hours each day. Based on this, running a window unit will cost around $46 per month, although it might be more in case of larger units.

How About Central Air?

Now, another option that will be particularly useful when it comes to larger homes will be the central air conditioning option, which consists of cooled air in a handler unit being distributed by way of ducts across different indoor spaces. These are commonly considered more efficient and effective than window units, especially when it comes to larger spaces, particularly because of their ventilation systems that allow for cool air to properly and evenly be distributed across rooms rather than focusing on a specific spot. However, these do consume more energy than window units, usually placing around 3.5 kWh. If we once again use the average national cost of kilowatts per hour, 13.2 cents, and assume you use the system eight hours a day, it will cost you around $3.70 per day, so a bit over $110 per month. This might vary depending on the property’s size.

Los Angeles HVAC Service

At American Cool and Heat, we want to make sure you can always rely on good and efficient air conditioning. This is why we can help you install a new unit, but we can also do repairs if needed. If your unit is starting to give you trouble, go ahead and reach out to our team here at American Cool and Heat. We are ready to take a look and figure out what exactly it is that it needs in order to work properly. For more information or to get a free estimate, give us a call at (818) 722-8634 and we’ll get started.

Breaking Down how an HVAC Service Helps You Fix Your AC

If your air conditioning unit stops working, calling an HVAC service will always be the best call. Let’s take a look at what their process will look like and how they’ll be able to help you.

First, We’ll Take a Look at the Problem

There can be a lot of problems with your HVAC unit, each of which will have a particular solution and a distinct approach to it. Now, you’re probably not an air conditioning expert, which is why you may know that there’s something wrong with the unit but you might not be sure what it is or how to fix it. That is why the first step in the process for our HVAC service will be to assess what the issue is and to provide you with a free estimate to let you know what the cost will be. A lot of the time, the issue will be fairly simple to address with a quick repair. In other situations, a more extensive repair might be necessary.

Then, We’ll Assess the Options

Now, once we know what the problem is, it’ll be time to determine what the options are and how to approach it. A lot of the time, for example, you might have a heavy repair in your hands that will require a lot of attention. However, this will simply manifest itself in a few man hours more than usual. In other cases, an extensive repair might end up calling for replacement parts that can quickly add up significantly to the cost of the repair. In these cases, it might make more sense to get a new until, especially if your unit is fairly old. That’s when you can use the five-thousand-rule. If you multiply the age of your AC equipment by the repair cost, it shouldn’t add up to more than five thousand. If it does, you might want to reconsider your investment and get a new unit. 

Finally, We’ll Make Sure it’s Fixed

Now, whether you need to repair your air conditioner or install a new unit to make the investment worth it, our HVAC service will be there to help you out. Not only do we carry out repairs, but we can also help you install a new unit that works with your structure and price range. There are plenty of different ways in which the issues you’re having with your HVAC unit can be addressed. Our team can take a look at the issue, help you figure out the best and most economic solution, and make sure your air conditioning is soon back up and running.

Contact Our HVAC Service

Here at American Cool and Heat, we are always doing our best to improve upon your temperature control experience. You want to feel comfortable at your own home or at your workplace, which is why having a functional air conditioner unit is so important.If you’re having issues with your unit, you can always reach out to our HVAC service in Los Angeles and our team will be there to help. For more information, give us a call at (818) 722-8634 and we’ll answer your questions, provide estimates, and get you started.

HVAC Installation in Glendale for Homes Without Room for Central Air

We all know that every home in Southern California needs some sort of air conditioning or else summers are simply unbearable. While it is generally agreed upon that central air is usually the best choice, this also requires the structure of a home or building to be able to handle the necessary systems. Two good options for those without room for central air are window and rooftop units, for these can work with minimal indoor space and still deliver good results. Which one is best for your specific situation? Our service for HVAC installation in Glendale can help you find the right unit. Let’s take a look at these two options.

Rooftop Units

Rooftop units are good air conditioning system alternatives for when there isn’t enough room for indoor ones. These are outdoors, meaning they are weather-proofed in order to survive the elements, which includes protecting them against things like snow, rain, or debris. Of course, that’s not exactly an issue here in Glendale. However, they do need to be protected from overheating under the constant sun. That’s why they are self-contained, with a chiller and a heating device built into it so that the air doesn’t have to pass further into the system in order to get treated. When are these a good option? Given their power and allocation ability, they’re recommended for larger buildings, but they can also work for homes without the right structure for indoor units. A service for HVAC installation in Glendale can help you find the right system for the structure in question.

Window Units

Another alternative for homes without the structure for indoor units will be window ones. Homes all over Glendale have window air conditioner units, especially the smaller ones. These are ideal for one-bedroom and studio apartments because of their limited air distribution capacity. Additionally, they are a lot less expensive to use than your regular central air systems. Since they are smaller and require less power, they will become a lesser weight on your energy bill. These usually top at around 14.44 kWh of energy consumption. If you run these for eight hours a day and use the average national cost of kilowatts per hour, 13.2 cents, you can calculate the estimated monthly cost of use for window AC units. This means you will be looking at a cost of around $46 each month for running your window air conditioner. 

HVAC Installation in Glendale

We understand how important it is for you living in Glendale to stay cool during the summer, which is why we put in a lot of effort into installing durable and reliable AC units that can help you brave the Los Angeles heat. If you are looking for HVAC installation in Glendale, our highly qualified team here at American Cool & Heat will gladly do so for a competitive price. For more information, give us a call at (818) 722-8634 and we’ll answer your questions, provide estimates, and get you started. Don’t put up with the heat, you don’t have to.

Improve Upon Your HVAC Service By Following These Tips

Living in Los Angeles has plenty of perks. For example, you don’t have to deal with snow or extreme temperatures at any point of the year. Sure, there is heat in the summer, but that seaside breeze keeps the area cool most of the time. That breeze won’t help you at home, though, where you will need some assistance. That’s what your air conditioner is for. If you want to make sure that your HVAC service is always optimal, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Install a Smart Thermostat

What are the worst offenders when it comes to sabotaging the performance of your air conditioning unit? On one hand, precision. After all, how often could you swear that your thermostat’s temperature reading is lying to you? Probably a lot of the time. The best way to ensure precision and accuracy with your thermostat is to get a smart one. These wonderful new toys will make your use of HVAC service much easier than it’s ever been. They can provide more exact temperature readings, more accurately control the general system, and schedule temperature changes accordingly. A smart thermostat will help reduce the costs of your air conditioning and make it run much more efficiently.

HVAC Service

Regulate AC Use

Summer in Los Angeles is always a lot. The sun, the heat, it’s all great… if you’re at the beach. When you’re home, it can actually be too much to deal with. That’s why we have an air conditioner, right? To make sure we can live comfortably in our own home during the sweltering heat of summer, we need air conditioning to keep the temperature nice and cool throughout. However, too much climate control and things can get complicated. Energy bills can go up and the air conditioning unit can strain itself. The best way to make sure you maintain a comfortable temperature, low energy bills, and an efficient unit is to regulate its use. Maybe turn it off at night or when you’re not at home to allow the unit to rest.

Provide Proper Maintenance

Now, just like you get maintenance for a vehicle or an appliance, sometimes you might need to get maintenance for your air conditioner unit. These are designed to last for a long time, but they are also reasonably delicate pieces of equipment. Extended hours of use can weigh on a unit to the point where it might stop working way ahead of its intended lifespan. The best thing to do to make sure that your unit lasts for as long as it’s supposed to is to invest in proper maintenance every once in a while. If your unit undergoes a lot of use, then annual or semiannual HVAC service maintenance can go a long way.

HVAC Service in Los Angeles

By following these tips, you can maintain and further expand the life of your air conditioning unit, but they’re not going to be of much use when your unit is already down. If you need HVAC service or AC repair in Los Angeles, we at American Clean Air & Heating are here to help. Just give us a call at (818) 722-8634 and we’ll be right there to help.

A Complete HVAC Service in Los Angeles For Your Convenience

Whether you like it or not, you have probably grown rather dependent on your HVAC unit. You‘ve most likely gotten used to keeping your place at a very specific temperature and anything different just doesn’t do it for you. That is why, if you are ever having problems with your HVAC unit, we can help. Just reach out to our HVAC service in Los Angeles and we’ll take care of whatever it is you need to get done.

Installing a New HVAC System

Maybe you’re renovating an old house with an outdated HVAC system or maybe you are building a new home from scratch. Either way, you are in need of a new air conditioning and heating unit. No problem! We got you covered. Installing a new HVAC unit is just another day on the job for us. Just let us know what kind of unit you want and we’ll get started, whether you want a simple window unit, central air conditioner, or ductless air conditioning. Even if you are not really sure of what the best fit is for your specific location, we can help you get the right system for your home or business. 

HVAC service in Los Angeles

Repairing Your HVAC Unit

You never really want to have to deal with repairs. After all, they are inconvenient, troublesome, and probably expensive. However, machines will break down sometimes, particularly without proper maintenance. Don’t worry, because, with our HVAC service in Los Angeles, repairs don’t have to be expensive. We can promptly take care of whatever issue you’ve got going on without a hassle and for a reasonable price. No matter how big or small the repair is, we will be there in no time to take a look and fix it. Our team of professionals isn’t just ready to handle the problem quickly, they are also ready to fix it in such a way that avoids other potential problems the unit might have in the future.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

In the best-case scenario, you get an HVAC unit installed and that’s the end of the story. You get to use it on a daily basis and not think much of it. Of course, you are bound to have a few issues with the system at some point or another. The best way to avoid having trouble with your HVAC unit is to properly maintain it. This doesn’t just mean keeping dust off and children from throwing things in it. Sure, that definitely helps, but you need to make sure that you get a professional to take a look at it once in a while. A constant checkup can make sure things run smoothly for a much longer time, maintain good performance, and keep you from incurring costly repairs or surprise investments.

HVAC Service in Los Angeles

Here at American Cool and Heat, we have all the necessary experience to provide the best HVAC service in Los Angeles. We take pride in guaranteeing optimal performance for all kinds of HVAC units, regardless of the problem that you are having. Just give us a call at (818) 722-8634 if you find yourself in need of any of these services and we’ll be right there.

Try This Before Calling Professional HVAC Repair in Los Angeles

Maintaining cool temperatures is a consistent concern across Los Angeles year-round. High temperatures require that most of us have some sort of air conditioning system in our homes. Our homes are all designed in such a way and with the necessary materials to stay cool. This is great during the summer, but during the colder months of the year, it becomes important to stay warm because of this. This means that most of us need an HVAC unit at home so that we can all control the temperature according to our liking. If these units stop working, it becomes very important to fix them promptly. More often than not, you will need to call a service for HVAC repair in Los Angeles, but there are times in which you can potentially try your hand at it.

My HVAC Runs but Isn’t Cooling

If your HVAC system is running but is not actually cooling, there are a few things you can do to try to fix it yourself. First, make sure to turn it off so that you can safely take a look at it. Clean or change the filter if you think it needs to be replaced. Check to see if any ice has formed on the coils, in which case you should turn the power back on and switch the fan on in order to melt the ice. Additionally, you might also be able to clean the condensate drain if it’s so dirty it’s grown obstructed. You can also check and, if needed, clean the outdoor compressor and see if that allows it to work. If none of these work, you might have a more serious issue in your hands and will need professional HVAC repair.

HVAC repair in Los Angeles

My HVAC Isn’t Working at All

In case your HVAC unit isn’t even running in the first place, there might be a few things you yourself can do to check if it’s working. First, make sure it’s receiving power at the electrical panel. Reset the equipment’s switches and its overloads, then check again if it turns on. Check the thermostat settings to make sure they are the right ones. Then check the condensate overflow switch. In HVAC units with this switch, if the drainpipe backs up with water then the float switch will shut off the air conditioner. If it’s been shut off, then it means you will need to clear the condensation drain pipe. The last thing you might be able to do yourself is to check the capacitor and the contractor in the compressor. 

Contact HVAC Repair in Los Angeles

At American Cool and Heat, we specialize in repairing any malfunctioning of heating and air conditioning equipment all across the Los Angeles area. We take pride in delivering only the best available services, guaranteeing optimal performance from just about any HVAC repair in Los Angeles. Our team of licensed experts is well-equipped to take care of any problem your unit might be having whenever you need them to. Our customers know they can always count on American Clean Air & Heating to take care of any unfortunate occurrences with their HVAC system. Give us a call at (818) 722-8634 if you find yourself in need of a repair and we’ll be right there.

American Cool and Heat Announces Coronavirus-Safe Services With New Hazmat Equipment

American Cool and Heat, an air conditioning, heating, and HVAC maintenance company, is offering guaranteed services safe from the coronavirus. The top-rated AC repair company in Los Angeles is investing heavily in sterilization equipment, anti-virus uniforms, masks, eye covers, and other hazmat-grade protective measures.

“Things have come to a halt for many businesses in Southern California, but in all likelihood, the need will arise for services relating to HVAC and temperature control in the coming months,” said a spokesperson for American Cool and Heat. “This is especially true in the coming summer months, where air conditioning use might see record numbers in the Valley because of quarantines tied to the coronavirus.”

The move comes as a notice to existing customers, as well as to the public at large, that the HVAC company is still open for business and is taking steps to mitigate the spread of the novel virus. Depending on the type of service, a technician is dispatched to homes or businesses for a small diagnostic fee, after which, the diagnostic fee can be used against any repairs that are needed. The company’s announcement today serves to reassure the public that the company is adapting to the current situation and assures health and safety to all of its customers.

The company has dispatch hubs in Hollywood, Glendale, and AC repair in Burbank that make for quick, logistically-ideal, and cost-effective services.

Each technician dispatched will be equipped with all of the necessary equipment that will keep the coronavirus from spreading in any instance during the performance of repair, maintenance, or replacement services.

For more information on the new safety measures, or to make a press inquiry, please contact the media line at (213) 332-9255. The company can be contacted for service at 1349 N. Columbus Ave. Glendale, CA 91202, (818) 722-8634.

Source: American Cool and Heat

HVAC Repair in Van Nuys to Feel Comfortable Every Day

You rely on your HVAC unit just about every day. It may not always seem that way, but in Van Nuys and the surrounding area, having a functioning HVAC is essential. That’s true whether it’s the sweltering LA summer, or in the middle of a cold winter night. Here at American Clean Air & Heating, we can make sure that your HVAC works exactly as it should, whether it’s for your home or commercial building. We can provide the kind of maintenance and HVAC repair in Van Nuys and the surrounding area so that you and yours can go comfortably through your day. 

HVAC Repair in Van Nuys when you Need It 

Should your HVAC unit stop working, that’s an emergency. That’s true no matter what time of year it is. In the middle of the summer, when the temperatures are routinely over one hundred degrees, you need functioning air conditioning in your home or commercial establishment for reasons of comfort as well as safety. By that same token, if the heat stops working in the colder than you might think Southern California night, that’s not good, either. Our professionals can come to your building, quickly figure out what’s wrong, and then put together a repair plan specific to your needs. 

HVAC repair in Van Nuys

Maintenance: So you Don’t Need Repair 

One of the best ways to fix emergencies: take care of things in advance so that you never have an emergency. That’s where our maintenance comes in. We recommend that you have your HVAC unit serviced two times a year. That way, we can head off potential catastrophes before they become emergencies. Just as you would get your car serviced twice a year, you should do the same for your HVAC unit. After all, living in Southern California, you probably use your HVAC daily, just like your car. 

Better Care, Better Cost 

When we repair your HVAC unit, we make sure that we don’t just make it as good as it was, we make it better than ever. That means, in many cases, that we fix your HVAC unit so that your energy costs are reduced. Most people don’t realize just how much money they can save by having an HVAC unit that runs at a better efficiency. Beyond that, you’ll save money by being able to put off buying a new HVAC unit for many years. Increasing the life expectancy of your unit while cutting energy costs – there are just some of the benefits of routine HVAC maintenance. 

Ready to Help 

When we say that we specialize in “HVAC repair,” we’re often asked what that means. Well, it means we can repair, install, or provide maintenance to your air conditioning units, heating units, temperature control systems, ventilation systems, and others. Those are just some of the ways that we can make your building more comfortable. If you’ve been worried about your HVAC unit, or just want maintenance, we’re glad to help. Just call us at (818) 722-8634 for a free onsite consultation.