Call an AC Installer in Hollywood to Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning feeling the warm air in your Hollywood house. It’s difficult to say whether a malfunctioning AC causes the warm air. Does it require extensive repair, or you need to replace it? If it’s the latter, you should call an AC installer in Hollywood first. 

Replacing your old AC is a crucial decision. Today’s air conditioning units can last for 15 years or more. For that reason, you must pick the right unit that will satisfy your home’s cooling needs. Instead of exploring many AC brands’ pages, you should call an AC installer to help you pick the right unit. 

AC Installer in Hollywood to Choose the Appropriate Model and Brand 

If your current unit is older than your 15-year old kid, you must prepare to purchase a new unit. Air conditioners face extreme temperatures throughout the year, thereby reducing their life expectancy. 

Consult with an AC installer

Once you have decided to replace your AC unit as recommended by an AC repair specialist, you need to consult with an AC installer. An AC installer will examine your house or the room where you need to install the unit. This is the first step when finding the right unit. It will prevent you from buying an undersized unit that can’t cool the room completely. On the other hand, it won’t give you enough humidification if it’s too large, causing the room’s air to feel damp. 

Choosing The Right Size 

The AC installer will determine the square footage of the room to know the proper size to pick. Compare the size of the room to the AC rating.  You must install the unit in an area that’s free from obstructions. It means that it must be far from the bushes, which can quickly get inside the AC. When it’s sunny outside, close the shades or blinds. It will help in keeping your room cool. There must be correct insulation throughout your home. Your AC installer will guide you on how to install it. You may need to install foam side panels or other accessories that can seal and insulate the area. Even though you have a new air conditioning unit, it’s still vital that you have it maintained regularly. 

Regular Maintenance

Proper maintenance requires that you replace the air filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. How often you change it will also depend on whether or not you have pets at home. If you have dogs or cats inside your house, you will need to clean the air filter or replace it once a month. It will extend the life of the AC unit, but it will also help you and the other household members breathe clean air. Cleaning an air filter is easy, and you don’t need a specialist to do so. But if you need to buy a new air conditioning unit, make sure to consult our AC installer in Hollywood so you can buy the right unit. Call us at (323) 746-8100 or fill out our contact form.

The Many Units Available for AC Installation in Los Angeles

Installing a new AC unit is not a small investment. After all, it’s not as easy as getting a new appliance and plugging it in. Even in the best of cases, some modifications to your home will be required. In order to make sure that the investment is worth it, it’s good to consider all the different options available and how they each can complement your home. So, if you are looking for AC installation in Los Angeles, here are the options to consider.

Central Air Conditioning

A central air conditioner unit combines an evaporator, condenser, and compressor in a single unit. This is usually placed either on the roof or on a concrete slab near the foundation. From there, ducts run through the outer wall or the roof, drawing air from inside the home, cooling it, and returning it to the inside. In order to provide heating, this kind of unit can also implement a set of heating coils or a natural gas furnace placed inside the building. Since the ducts allow for consistent placement across the home, this option is often considered to be one of the more practical and efficient.

AC installation in Los Angeles

Ductless Air Conditioning

A lot of homes don’t have or can’t use ducts for their air conditioning, which is why the ductless option exists. This option is hence found in a lot of older or smaller homes. The mini-split systems make use of an indoor air-handling unit and an outdoor compressor and condenser. The units are then mounted on a wall with blowers attached. Appropriate tubing connects the indoor and outdoor units, circulating refrigerant between them. With these systems, each room needs a separate unit in order to cool that specific space, with temperature control being specific to each one of them. While these are very energy-efficient for small spaces, they do add up quickly if you are using a lot of them to cool down a big house.

Window AC Units

When it comes to cooling down single rooms, window units tend to be the more popular ones. In these AC units, every component of the air conditioning unit is enclosed in a single box with a single thermostat controlling the temperature. In order to install these, the room needs a sizable window where the unit can sit on the sill. In such cases where this isn’t possible, a slot can be made on the wall or on the window in order to properly fit and install the unit. While less powerful than more extensive AC units, these can definitely prove to be more cost-effective in small spaces. Studio apartments can make particularly good use of these. 

AC Installation in Los Angeles

Regardless of the AC unit that you need to get installed in your home, you can always count on our team at American Clean Air & Heating. We have been providing customers with AC installation in Los Angeles for years, cementing a reliable reputation. If you need a new unit installed, give us a call at (818) 722-8634 and we’ll be sure to be there when you need us to.

Why Consider a Central AC Installation Company?

American Air and Cleaning is one of the country’s largest heating and cooling companies that can offer your business a decade or century’s worth of commercial and residential AC service and installation experience. In every job that we do, we make sure that it gets done perfectly and on time. Considered by our clients as the best central AC installation company, we have a team of highly trained commercial and residential AC technicians. They are fully equipped to install, repair and maintain any type of AC systems.

 Central AC Installation Company

At American Clean Air and Heating, we understand that each house and facility is unique. We also know that every AC system installation requires unique installation and service considerations. So, this is where our experience makes us the ideal central AC installation company for your existing building or remodeling project.

Combined with our level of technical expertise, our professionals can offer you excellent assistance and will work with you throughout the process. This means that you can trust us in helping you find the right system for your business or house and install it for you.

Why consider a central AC installation company?

To deliver the best energy efficiency, your central AC system must be properly installed. Improper installation can easily make its performance suffer.

That said, your AC could just end up having an AC that wouldn’t work. If you choose our service experts, we would provide you with exceptional quality of AC installation, maintenance and repairs. Each task that our service experts performed is backed by our company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

 Central AC Installation Company

Our qualified and certified professionals have years of experience in installation all AC brands and models. With that in mind, you can be certain that no matter what type of system you choose for your house, we can install it properly. In this way, you can have a comfortable home once again.

The weather in the US is constantly changing. As the temperature changes, it’s important that you protect your cooling and heating system. In winter, for example, it can be hard on AC. To some professionals, winterization may not be important. But our service experts know better.

Once you choose us to be your central AC installation company, you can be sure that we have properly winterized your system. That way, you won’t need to worry that your brand new AC will have issues during winter.

Are you ready to know why our company is considered as the number one central AC installation company? Please give us a call at 818-406-6000

HVAC Contractors Help with All of Your Home Needs

Most people may take for granted that when they come each day all of the systems in their home will be running smoothly. It seems only natural that you should be able to do something like switch on the air conditioning, turn on the heat or use the ventilation system without any trouble, but what would happen if you came home and realized that heat was working or that your air conditioning system seems to be not cooling the house well at all? It is important that you know not only about the different systems being used in your home but that they are properly maintained and repaired to keep them running well. You can turn to the quality HVAC contractors Glendale offers so that you can be sure to get the work done right.

Why is regular maintenance of HVAC systems so important?

If you do not get regular maintenance done on the HVAC systems of your home you are bound to run into trouble at some point. It is only when the systems are cleaned regularly, maintained properly and has worn parts and filters replaced that everything keeps running correctly. You have no problem bringing in your car for regular oil changes or maintenance to keep it running correctly; you should be willing to do the same thing with your home. Have the system inspected twice a year to make sure it is running at peak performance. Ideally, you can have this done just before the summer months start and just before the winter weather approaches. This way you can be sure that heating and air conditioning (priorities for those times of year) are working the right way.

HVAC Contractors

A quality HVAC contractor will be able to come into your home and inspect your system inside and out to make sure that everything is running properly, vents are clear, filters are not clogged and everything about your system is proper running order. They can do testing on your system to make sure it is operating the way it should, make recommendations to you about parts that may need repair or replacement and do the work for you so that everything is ready for the coming season.

If you know it has been a while since you had your system checked, reach out to one of the quality HVAC contractors Glendale has today so you can arrange an appointment. You will then be able to rest comfortably knowing your home has been taken care of properly.

Look to Hire a Licensed AC Installer

If you live in California or one of the other warmer areas of the United States your air conditioning unit is important to you not just in the summer months but throughout the year. You need to make sure it is running at peak performance all of the time not only so that you get the best from the system but that so it is running efficiently and saving you money instead of wasting it. In order to do this properly you need to make sure that you have your system properly installed, maintained and worked on all of the time. The best way for you to about doing this is to make sure you hire a licensed AC installer in Glendale, California or other areas.

ac installer

A licensed installer is important to you on several fronts. First, when you hire someone to install or work on your AC system, knowing they are licensed lets you know they have the proper training and experience that you want when someone is working on a job like this. Without a license, you cannot be sure that the person who is the technician has really trained properly on installations like this, leaving you vulnerable. They could easily make mistakes that could cause the system to fail, in turn costing you hundreds or even thousands of more dollars to get the system fixed, installed properly or even replaced.

A licensed installer is going to be an experienced professional that knows all of the ins and outs of the AC system you have chosen. They will be up-to-date on the use and installation of all of the latest systems and will have the technology, tools and materials on hand to make sure the job is done right. They will also be insured and fully bonded so you will be protected against any accidents that may occur should something go wrong.

Take the extra time when you are looking at getting a new AC system to be sure to thoroughly check out any business you are looking to hire for your installation. Once you know they are fully licensed and experienced you will feel much better about knowing just who is working on the system for you. You can put faith in their work and know when the job is done that you will be able to relax in comfort with your new AC system.

AC installation services in Pasadena

If you are seeking to install air conditioners in your property, then you will need the services of a qualified and experienced AC company. These two are features of a professional AC company offering AC installation services in Pasadena. If the services of the company you have contracted for the job are good, then you will need minimal maintenance services and repair will not be in the near future.

ac installation services in pasadenaIt is important to first note that, the installation of an AC might be easy and with the current trend of Do It Yourself, you might be tempted to, with the intention of saving on the installation costs. This might sound good, but when the AC will start malfunctioning or get damaged, you will begin to regret why you didn’t contract a professional for the job. To avoid regrets and having to spend more than you would have had, simply get the services of a professional to install your air conditioner.

AC Installation Pasadena

Installation of air conditioner depends on many factors and it takes only an experienced person to know how to do the job right. In addition to experience and skill, there are the right equipments for the job. For instance, if you have to lift the Air conditioner to the roof of your property, then it will obviously require more than just people. With equipments, only those companies committed to the industry will invest in state of the art machines, and only those will guarantee the safety of the air conditioner, which in turn reduced maintenance costs and repair costs, at least for the foreseeable future.

So, mind the installation of your AC and do away with repair costs. Call American Cool and Heat today!