The Risks of Doing an AC Repair Yourself

If you have an aging air conditioning unit in your home that has been working for years, it is very likely that you are going to run into problems with its functionality at some point. There is nothing worse than realizing that you aren’t getting the cool air across your rooms that you should be feeling. And also, when you check things out to find that your AC unit needs some care and attention. You might be tempted to try doing the repair yourself to either save money or you might think it’s easy but there are so many things that could go wrong!  The one thing that we are always going to tell you “Is that it is absolutely better to call the professionals”. With this in mind, here are some of the main risks of doing an AC repair.

AC Repair Take Longer Than You Think

A lot of people set out to try to fix their air conditioning thinking that it will be a quick job that can be done and dusted in no time, that is usually the case. The last thing you want to do is start a DIY job that you will soon realize you cannot finish because at the end of the day leaving the unit half open and unassembled is probably going to end up making the issue worse! If you need a handful of different components in order to be able to repair the unit for yourself, then be mindful of the amount because it could end up being more expensive to collect the individual parts than simply getting a professional to do the job instead. A repair professional will come equipped with all of the parts, and their fee will have these parts included. It can also be very dangerous to fix air conditioning, you might have to start messing around with electrics in your home, and this is a really dangerous idea for somebody who does not have any training or experience in the field. Along with the electrics, there is also the factor of refrigerant, which is odorless and tasteless but can be incredibly dangerous if it comes into contact with your lungs.

AC Repair

It Could Affect Your Warranty to your AC Repair

If you attempt to fix your AC unit on your own and it goes wrong, it could affect the terms of your warranty. Most warranties are nullified if it is found that you have tampered with the system and created a bigger problem. For this reason alone, you should always rely on professionals to examine and diagnose.

So, if you should find yourself in need of AC repair at your property, please remember what we have said and opt to call ACAH – HQ Glendale – American Cool And Heat rather than trying to do anything yourself! If you don’t want to run the risk of making the problem a more serious and more expensive one, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, they will be ready and waiting to help you!

Air Conditioner Repair in Arcadia May Extend Unit Life

Are you suspecting that your air conditioning unit is giving up on you? Do you smell an extensive repair or a replacement coming up? Well, if you think that you might need air conditioner repair in Arcadia, we can help you out. But first, you should consider what your options are. The first thing you want to do is obviously to consider the costs of each operation. New air conditioner units can be quite expensive, after all, so this might not be your first option when yours is busted. However, repairs can quickly add up, and you want to make sure you are putting your money where it’s worth it.

Air Conditioner Repair in Arcadia?

When your air conditioner breaks down, it’s only natural that you want to protect your investment as much as possible. Air conditioning repair in Arcadia will probably be your first call when your unit stops working. While you can do some troubleshooting yourself, like making sure the filter is clean and checking on the corresponding fuse. However, it’s recommended that you call a professional repair service to get the best possible results out of it. After all, they are the experts, so they will be able to give your air conditioning its best chance at surviving past this breakdown. A good repair, plus some proper maintenance, can extend the life of your AC unit for years, so this can always be a good way to protect something as necessary and potentially expensive as your air conditioning system. However, sometimes a repair may not be the best option for your situation.

Will You Need a New Unit?

If the air conditioning isn’t working, the best call will always be to try and repair it. However, there may be times, particularly when it comes to older units, that it will be better to simply get a unit because of the cost of repairing the existing one. That’s when you can use the five-thousand-rule. If you multiply the age of your AC equipment by the repair cost, it shouldn’t add up to more than five thousand. If it does, you might want to reconsider your investment and get a new unit. A new unit can represent an improvement, however, on the general financial front. On one hand, for example, you can get a unit that consumes less energy and provides a better performance overall than your old one. This way, despite the cost of the purchase and the installation, you can save money on the long run.

Air Conditioning Repair in Arcadia

Everyone knows how necessary a good AC unit here in Arcadia is. So, is your air conditioner ready to handle the Southern California heat? If it isn’t, we can help you with the best air conditioning repair in Arcadia. Our highly qualified team here at American Cool & Heat will gladly do so for a competitive price. For more information, give us a call at (818) 722-8634 and we’ll answer your questions, provide estimates, and get you started. Don’t put up with the heat, you don’t have to.