Ice on Your Unit? It’s Time to Call for Air Conditioning Repair in Thousand Oaks

There’s no better time to call for air conditioning repair in Thousand Oaks than when you find ice on your unit. Despite what you may think, a cooling unit isn’t working better when you see ice on it. In fact, the appearance of ice could indicate a problem that needs to be fixed. Ice means the system is actually having difficulty keeping up with the demand to cool your home. This article will break down the problem so you understand why and when to call for help

What Causes Ice on Your Unit?

Though your air conditioner’s job is to cool your home, the evaporator coil must heat up for that to happen. Ice forms when the coil isn’t able to do that job efficiently. What happens is the refrigerant then cools the coil, creating moisture, which turns into ice as the temperature near the coil drops. The ice, in turn, prevents the coil from absorbing the heat it needs to work properly, perpetuating the cycle and keeping your cooling system from working the way it should. 

Problems That Contribute to Ice

There are several reasons you might be seeing ice on our air conditioner. Our experts can help you determine which one is to blame and determine the right course of action to repair the issue. A dirty air filter is one culprit. This reduces the ability for air to flow through the unit, which compromises the refrigerant’s ability to cool the air. Changing your filter often can eliminate this problem. 

Another issue could be that you are low in the refrigerant. Not only can this lead to ice, but it can also cause other issues with your air conditioning that can keep it from working well and that can be costly to repair. Make sure you have adequate refrigerant levels to keep this from happening. 

When your evaporator coil is dirty, it can also lead to ice on your unit. Dirt and debris on the coil can interfere with air absorption, which keeps the evaporator from cooling properly. Keeping your coil clean is the obvious solution to this issue. 

Air Conditioning Repair

What Issues Can Ice Build Up Cause?

Failing to remedy ice build-up on your air conditioner can lead to costly and damaging issues. Because your unit will have to work harder, you’ll likely see an increase in your energy bill until you take care of the problem. Of course, since the system isn’t working efficiently, chances are it won’t cool your home like you’re used to. This may be sluggish air or warm air, neither of which will keep the temperature down in the summer. Additionally, letting ice build up .can lead to costly repairs. 

If you notice ice on your air conditioner, you know you have a problem. When it happens, don’t ignore it, and don’t wait to get help fixing it. Contact American Clean Air and Heating for air conditioning repair in Thousand Oaks. One of our experienced technicians will remedy the issue for you as soon as possible so you can stay cool and keep your system performing optimally. 

Can You Fix an AC Compressor?

One of the most common questions that our clients would ask is if we can fix their AC compressor. Is that even possible? Does our air conditioning repair in Thousand Oaks involve fixing an AC compressor?

Can You Repair AC Compressor?

Absolutely! American Clean Air and Heating can repair anything air conditioner-related issues. That’s why we’re a top-rated AC repair company in Los Angeles. With that reputation, we consistently train our incredible staff to ensure that they do their job well every time. When you call us today, we can fix the problem with your AC compressor before it gets too hot.

What are the Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Repair in Thousand Oaks for AC Compressor?

It’s difficult to know what the issue with your AC compressor is without first investigating the problem. The good thing is that there are signs that you can observe to know the real concern.

Air Conditioning Repair in Thousand Oaks

Motor Not Working

An AC compressor has a motor. If it doesn’t start, you may be facing a malfunctioning start capacitor. However, in some cases, the problem can be that the capacitor is missing.

Short Cycling

It’s another sign that your AC compressor needs repair. Short-cycling means that your AC turns on and off frequently. There are several reasons it happens. It can be the result of a frayed wire. This isn’t a DIY job. Hence, we recommend calling our qualified air conditioning specialists.

Overheating Compressor

Does the AC compressor overheat? If it does, it could decrease the AC’s cooling capacity as a result of pressurization issues. If this is the issue you are facing, it’s best solved by a professional AC specialist.

How to Reduce Chances of Air Conditioning to Shut Down?

AC compressor problem can be a bit expensive to repair as it may sometimes need to be replaced. The good thing is that there are ways to help you save money on AC compressor problems down the line. For example, you can regularly clean the air filters or replace them if they are dirty. Cleaning the air filters regularly will prevent dirt, debris, and pollutants to accumulate. If they do accumulate, they can cause damage to the internal system.

Another way to reduce AC repair needs is to clean the air ducts. Inspect them regularly and clean them. You should also check the air ducts to look for signs of leaks. And most of all you need to schedule regular maintenance. Don’t just call our air conditioner specialists if something goes wrong with your AC. With regular maintenance, your AC can last longer. You can also avoid facing the issue of expensive AC compressor repair.

Air Conditioning Repair by a Professional

If the AC compressor is broken, it doesn’t always mean it needs to be replaced. In some cases, it may only need to be repaired. But you have to call our professionals to perform the air conditioning repair in Thousand Oaks. Call us today to get a free estimate: (818) 722-8634.

AC Repair Expert on Relation Between AC Service and Your Family Health

Your AC is crucial in providing a conducive environment in your house or office. To keep your indoors cool or warm, the AC circulates cool air and it’s filters keep the air clean. Keeping your AC system functioning and well repaired has a lot of benefits – not only in terms of cost but in terms of health as well. It contributes to your family’s health but if it’s not well maintained, you might spend a lot of money buying medicine or visiting the doctor.


Talk to Air conditioning repair thousand oaks

Your air condition system requires regular repair to keep it functioning well. Without regular repair, the system will keep breaking down and your family might remain cold in the night or during winter and can easily fall sick. You may not escape summer heat if your AC system malfunctions. If you are not sure how often your AC system should be maintained, talk to your repair expert and get advice.


Removing dust from the ducts

Think of your AC system ducts as a pressurized system that breaths cool or warm air into your room. As the system sucks and releases air, it sucks dust and other debris inside. After some time, the dust will be too much and pose a health risk to your family. The ducts shall release the dust into your indoors and your family might begin to suffer respiratory complications. Ensure the dust is regularly removed during routine maintenance.


Responding to frequent damages

Your HVAC system is very important especially when you need to keep your home or office warm. You can only achieve this if your Air conditioning repair thousand oaks carries out regular maintenance work. If this is not done regularly, your HVAC system will break down often at a time of your greatest need. Winters are usually very cold and if your family is not kept warm, they may not escape falling sick often.


Minimum indoor humidity

Your home’s or office HVAC system filters dust and moisture before releasing fresh air into your indoors. Less moisture in your indoors keeps humidity under control and your indoors will not have a conducive condition for the growth of mildew and mold. Thick air in the house will make the indoor feel hotter and sticky. Mold and mildew are major causes of most respiratory diseases. All these problems and avoided by simply doing regular AC repair.


Contact your Thousand Oaks duct cleaning service

Your AC duct gathers dust that can accumulate to uncontrollable levels over time. The dust poses a health risk to your family and that’s why you should involve an expert to regularly clean it. Apart from the duct, the entire AC system should be routinely repaired to ensure it’s perfectly functioning. We have the expertise and experience required for AC repair and we are committed to serving you professionally. Call us today at (818) 722-8634 for expert duct cleaning service.

Let Air Conditioning Repair in Thousand Oaks Take Care of Your AC Unit

The Southern California heat is no joke, so you never want your air conditioner to give you trouble for more than a few hours. Or else, you’ll soon be sweating and dealing with the heat in the comfort of your home. Allow our service for air conditioning repair Thousand Oaks to take care of that for you.

Assessing the Problem With Your AC

Air conditioning units are relatively complicated pieces of machinery, meaning that they can be giving you trouble for a variety of different reasons. Because of this, the first step in the process will be to determine what the problem is and how to best take care of it. In order to do this, our team will need to take a closer look at the unit. Sometimes, we’ll be able to go off what you tell us on the phone to give you our opinion about the issue and a free estimate of how much it might cost. However, our service for air conditioning repair in Thousand Oaks will ultimately need to take a close look at what’s going on in order to better determine the right course of action.

Fixing the Issues

Having determined what exactly is the root of the problem, it will be time to solve it. Now, as we said, there are different reasons your air conditioner is acting up, as well as different ways to take care of them. Sometimes the problem can be taken care of on the spot while other times it will call for extra parts to be ordered and used to replace old ones. More often than not, your air conditioner will be back up and running in a matter of hours. Our service for air conditioning repair in Thousand Oaks is the best in the industry, and we take pride in our efficiency and the high quality of our work. A day without air conditioning here in Southern California can be quite a lot to deal with, and we’d rather help you avoid that.

Installing a New Unit if Needed

There will be times, however, in which the best option might not be to repair the unit in question. For example, the parts needed to repair it might be too many, or the repair itself might be simply too expensive for it to be worth it. In cases such as these, it might actually make more sense to get a new until, especially if the one you have is already fairly old. That’s when you can use the five-thousand-rule. If you multiply the age of your AC equipment by the repair cost, it shouldn’t add up to more than five thousand. If it does, you might want to reconsider your investment and get a new unit. 

Air Conditioning Repair in Thousand Oaks

Here in Southern California, we pretty much depend on our air conditioner units to feel comfortable at home. Because of this, it’s important to stay on top of their performance and take care of them accordingly. That is why we at American Cool and Heat provide you with the best air conditioning repair in Thousand Oaks. With the help of our team, you can always rely on a cool environment at home. Just give us a call at (818) 722-8634 and we’ll be there to take care of the issue.