Ice on Your Unit? It’s Time to Call for Air Conditioning Repair in Thousand Oaks

There’s no better time to call for air conditioning repair in Thousand Oaks than when you find ice on your unit. Despite what you may think, a cooling unit isn’t working better when you see ice on it. In fact, the appearance of ice could indicate a problem that needs to be fixed. Ice means the system is actually having difficulty keeping up with the demand to cool your home. This article will break down the problem so you understand why and when to call for help

What Causes Ice on Your Unit?

Though your air conditioner’s job is to cool your home, the evaporator coil must heat up for that to happen. Ice forms when the coil isn’t able to do that job efficiently. What happens is the refrigerant then cools the coil, creating moisture, which turns into ice as the temperature near the coil drops. The ice, in turn, prevents the coil from absorbing the heat it needs to work properly, perpetuating the cycle and keeping your cooling system from working the way it should. 

Problems That Contribute to Ice

There are several reasons you might be seeing ice on our air conditioner. Our experts can help you determine which one is to blame and determine the right course of action to repair the issue. A dirty air filter is one culprit. This reduces the ability for air to flow through the unit, which compromises the refrigerant’s ability to cool the air. Changing your filter often can eliminate this problem. 

Another issue could be that you are low in the refrigerant. Not only can this lead to ice, but it can also cause other issues with your air conditioning that can keep it from working well and that can be costly to repair. Make sure you have adequate refrigerant levels to keep this from happening. 

When your evaporator coil is dirty, it can also lead to ice on your unit. Dirt and debris on the coil can interfere with air absorption, which keeps the evaporator from cooling properly. Keeping your coil clean is the obvious solution to this issue. 

Air Conditioning Repair

What Issues Can Ice Build Up Cause?

Failing to remedy ice build-up on your air conditioner can lead to costly and damaging issues. Because your unit will have to work harder, you’ll likely see an increase in your energy bill until you take care of the problem. Of course, since the system isn’t working efficiently, chances are it won’t cool your home like you’re used to. This may be sluggish air or warm air, neither of which will keep the temperature down in the summer. Additionally, letting ice build up .can lead to costly repairs. 

If you notice ice on your air conditioner, you know you have a problem. When it happens, don’t ignore it, and don’t wait to get help fixing it. Contact American Clean Air and Heating for air conditioning repair in Thousand Oaks. One of our experienced technicians will remedy the issue for you as soon as possible so you can stay cool and keep your system performing optimally.