Do I need Furnace Service Every Year?

Whether you like it or not, you would need furnace service in Los Angeles every year. You may be surprised but it has to happen to ensure that the system works properly when you need it most — in the winter. Keep in mind that when the damp winter months arrive in LA, you will be busy looking for ways to stay warm. And if you can’t trust your furnace, then you won’t be comfortable in your home.

Issues When You Don’t Use Furnace Service in Los Angeles Every Year

Dirty Filters

A clogged-up filter can cause issues with your heating system because it forces the furnace to work harder than it should just to keep you warm at home. Because it works harder, it can break down sooner. When you call in for furnace service, the technicians will change up the filter. American Clean Air and Heating offers a worry-free maintenance plan and it includes regular filter changes.

Furnace Service Los Angeles

Cracked Heat Exchanger

It’s a dangerous issue if you don’t service your gas furnace every year. The heat exchanger is prone to crack. If that happens, it could leak toxins, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide. When you inhale them in large quantities, they could endanger your and your family’s health. This problem typically arises when the filter is clogged as it restricts airflow. However, other problems may also cause it. If your furnace is serviced regularly, this problem won’t arise. During furnace service, the technicians will inspect the heat exchanger and make sure that there are no cracks in it.

Health Issues

The furnace should distribute clean, warm air. But if you’re breathing dirty air, it can cause a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, if you are prone to asthma, allergies, and other breathing problems, dirty air can inflame your lungs and trigger an allergy attack. But if you have it serviced every year, your furnace will be clean, allowing it to distribute clean indoor air that’s safe for you and your family.

Insufficient Warm Air

It’s a common issue experienced by a furnace that’s not properly maintained. If it’s not cleaned properly, your furnace won’t provide the warm air that you need for your home this winter.

When is the Best Time to Hire Furnace Service?

Furnace service is crucial to keep you warm in winter. But when is the best time to have it serviced? The most appropriate time is before the winter to ensure that the filter is clean, so it’s free of any dirt, dander, and other particulate matters. Furthermore, the technicians will inspect the furnace to find issues that can become too big to manage later on. Although furnace service is necessary once a year, you can have it cleaned and maintained twice a year. That is, after the winter, you may choose a furnace service to clean everything that has accumulated in the furnace over the winter.

Call a Furnace Technicians

Cleaning the furnace requires the expertise of a professional. To hire a furnace service in Los Angeles, call our top-rated air and heating company at (818) 722-8634.