Do You Need Los Angeles Heating Repair or a System Upgrade?

When it gets cold outside, you rely on the temperature in your house to keep you warm. So when it’s not working like it should, you notice right away. In some cases Los Angeles heating repair is necessary, but in other instances, an upgrade may be required. Having an expert look at your furnace is the best way to diagnose an issue and then you can decide together whether repairs or an upgrade is your best decision. This article provides more information that you can use as you make that choice. 

Signs You Have a Problem

The best way to know if you need to arrange a service call is to be familiar with the signs that something might be wrong with your heating system. Higher than normal energy bills is one indication that you have an issue. If you’re doing regular maintenance to your furnace, a sudden increase in energy usage indicates a need for possible repairs or an upgrade. 

New or strange noises are another sign to be on the lookout for. That includes hissing, rattling, banging or any other noise that wasn’t there before. If you have airflow problems, such as weak air or cold air coming from the vents, that’s another sign something is wrong. Finally, if your unit is turning on, but only staying on for a minute or two, there’s definitely something that needs to be looked at. When you notice any of these signs, call for help right away. Letting the problem go could create new issues and will keep you from staying comfortable in your home.

Heating Repair

Do You Need Repairs or an Upgrade?

You know there’s something wrong, but does that mean you need repairs or would it be better to get an upgrade? Not every malfunction means getting an entirely new system. However, there are some factors to consider when trying to decide which makes more sense for your needs. Age of the furnace is a big one. 

In general, if your heater is more than 10-15 years old, it might be best to opt for an upgrade, rather than spending money on repairs. If you are having to repair the unit frequently, it might be more cost-effective to upgrade so that you can rely on a system that works consistently. If repair costs are equivalent to half of the cost of an upgrade or more, we recommend going with the upgrade. Minor issues on a newer unit can likely be solved with a repair. 

Your best bet is to arrange a service call anytime you experience a problem with your furnace. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get the malfunction taken care of so that you don’t have to go too long with a heater that isn’t doing its job properly. Again, the longer you let it go, the more expensive the issue may end up being.

American Clean Air and Heating can help if you need a Los Angeles heating repair or an upgrade to your HVAC system. Contact us today to talk with an expert about what you’re experiencing with your furnace and we can arrange the assistance you need.