Is Your Furnace Dying or Do You Need Furnace Service in Burbank CA

The quick answer is: if your furnace is pretty new, then it probably needs a service. If it is middle-aged or older, then it may be dying (through wear, tear, or damage), otherwise, you will need a furnace service in Burbank CA. Here are a few warning signs that may suggest your furnace is dying…or is dying for a service.

Does Your Furnace Delay When Starting Up?

This is a classic sign that your furnace is getting old. The longer it takes to start, and the longer it takes to become productive, then the closer it is to taking a trip to the furnace heaven. On the other hand, if you have just moved into a place and the furnace is sluggish, then consider a service because if wear and tear (age) isn’t the problem, then your solution may be a good service.

Are Your Energy Bills Going Up?

Even when you factor in the increases or decreases in energy prices, are your bills going up? Typically, are they going up only during the winter? Have your furnace and your heating system serviced and consider places where your heating system (or even your insulation) may have experienced damage. If none of these solutions work, then your furnace may be nearing the end of its life.

Does Your Furnace Smell Funny? 

There are lots of reasons why your furnace may smell funny. It can be anything, from nasty things caught in the filters to stale condensation water that has built up in damaged and worn areas of your furnace. Maybe it smells pretty nasty when you first start up your furnace. Perhaps your furnace is making some new noises. Again, servicing may fix many of these problems, but if not, then your furnace may be damaged and need repair, or it may be nearing the end of its life.

Are Your Heating Cycles Irregular?

You live with your furnace working, so you know how it functions, how it works the best, and how it sometimes lets you down. You live your everyday life in a home with this equipment, so you are an expert in how its cycles work. Has it started shutting off early? Or, more commonly, does it take longer than ever to reach its temperature and then shut off? Is the furnace continuing to work hard even when your house has been brought up to temperature? All of these are signs of an aging furnace. If you haven’t had a service in a while, it may be time to have a professional take a look at your furnace.

Furnace Service in Burbank CA

Final Thoughts

Consider the age of your furnace and consider how often you need your furnace repaired. Keep in mind that furnaces that typically cost more and have a good online reputation will last longer than cheaper furnaces. On a similar note, if your furnace needs more frequent repairs, then getting a newer one may be the most economical thing you can do. Get in touch with American Cool and Heat and get a furnace service in Burbank CA. If your furnace can be repaired and will last a few more years, then get a quote and have it done. Otherwise, consider getting a newer furnace. Talk to one of the professionals at American Cool and Heat about getting your furnace serviced and talk about the future of your furnace, its remaining lifespan, and the economical viability of getting a new furnace in the future.